Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Commercial grounds maintenance for estate management companies or corporate businesses requires a specific approach and at Scotts we appreciate that this should be consistent with the surrounding environment. Corporate businesses, country estates and academic establishments may well have diverse landscaping and garden care specifications for their green space and Scotts team of skilled Arborists and landscaping experts will provide an outstanding bespoke service for optimum value.
Commercial Grounds Maintenance by Scotts

Corporate Grounds

These often present the first impression of your Company to visiting clients and a welcoming and well-kept garden has the potential to influence their perception of the business and create a feel-good factor even before they walk through the door.

Keeping your grounds in a healthy, safe and aesthetically pleasing condition however, requires regular maintenance throughout the seasons.

Founded in 2000, Scotts has achieved recognition for providing a highly professional and comprehensive commercial grounds maintenance service with hedge trimming and tree pruning or felling, lawn care and mowing, planting, mulching, leaf clearing, the maintenance of flower beds and much more.

We are always mindful of protecting the local wildlife habitat and ecosystem within the garden environment and, with a growing number of companies having sustainability as a core value, Scotts have the expertise to create and maintain an eco-friendly landscape which will provide a natural balance and increase bio-diversity.

For all commercial grounds maintenance, whether you have a country estate with acres to look after or a corporate green space used for outdoor entertaining and a staff relaxation area, safety in the garden is of prime importance. Our skilled Arborists can inspect any trees on the property for signs of weakness or disease and remove any hazardous branches to prevent costly damage during extreme weather.

Trees and shrubs can be inspected for pest infestations and once identified, early treatment and regular monitoring will ensure healthy growth.

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Why Corporate Grounds Maintenance is important

Your corporate grounds are an important business asset and, to protect your investment, Scotts recommend a professional site visit when suggestions can be made for any improvements which would enhance the outdoor space. Impartial advice can be given on removing any plants which aren’t growing well and we will recommend replacements which will be more suited to the location and soil type.

If you are ready for a complete makeover of your commercial grounds landscape we have the expertise and inspiration to create a garden that, with efficient care and management, will flourish year after year.

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Corporate Grounds Maintenance by Scotts