Scotts Executive Garden Management

Scotts garden management team takes pride in providing all of our clients with a premium service but we also recognise that executive properties, such as country estates and prestigious commercial grounds, have specific requirements and conditions. This is especially relevant when the owner or custodian is frequently away and needs to have the peace of mind that their grounds will be in safe and trustworthy hands in their absence.
Commercial Grounds Maintenance by Scotts

Building a trusting relationship is paramount with clear lines of communication ensuring our team are on the same page as the client for all visual and practical aspects of the landscape. Scotts’ highly professional garden and tree care specialists provide a consultative service and regular planning meetings are scheduled with the owner discussing any improvements or horticultural maintenance which may be required.

Trust and discretion is vital when there is a necessity for privacy, both for the estate owner and their visitors. Employing our garden maintenance team to care for all aspects of the grounds gives the assurance of a high level of professionalism and respect for the property and its residents.

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What we do:

  • At Scotts, we understand the importance of maintaining the safety and security of boundary fences and gates.
  • Trees are regularly inspected for stability and any indication of weak branches which may cause damage to property, residents or visitors.
  • Our skilled Arborists will be on hand to survey the grounds when extreme weather is forecast to secure the trees against the elements.
Corporate Grounds Maintenance by Scotts
Within our executive property garden maintenance service, we will take a holistic approach in caring for your grounds.

At the heart of our company is an appreciation of protecting the eco-system in the garden with an appreciation that plant life is part of the food chain and shelter for the interacting organisms and animals which share the habitat.

Many of our clients share our passion for the environment and a stunning display of blooms in the flower beds and herbaceous borders throughout the seasons is not only an important element in garden design, it also provides a nectar station for butterflies and moths.

Scotts has the expertise to manage all aspects of caring for your estate grounds. This includes:

  • planting
  • mulching
  • leaf clearing
  • the pruning or cutting of trees and shrubs and much more

We know that your outdoor space may be your safe haven and a space which provides you and your guests with a sense of relaxation and visual delight. With the professional help provided by Scotts the regular care and maintenance of your garden landscape will be in safe and competent hands.

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