Garden Maintenance & Lawn Care

Why Choose Scotts for your Garden Maintenance & Lawn Care

Established in 2000, Scotts provide an outstanding garden maintenance service for those who have limited free time, find gardening physically demanding or lack the necessary know-how to ensure the garden is kept in good shape all year round.

Each member of our experienced team has many years of expertise in their field and customers can rest assured that the care of their outdoor landscape will be in good hands.

Whether you require help to maintain a residential garden or larger estate grounds, each service will be bespoke to your needs and aspirations. By working together and building a trusting relationship with our customers, ideas for creating a beautiful outside area can be brought to life with professional advice on choosing the most suitable plants and shrubs which will thrive according to the soil type and garden aspect.

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Grounds and Gardens

We offer:

  • seasonal pruning and the planting of flower beds

    With the option of an annual maintenance contract specifically tailored to your needs. Herbaceous borders resplendent with colourful perennials can be planted strategically to give an extended seasonal tapestry of colour and foliage.

  • Deadheading and the cutting back of perennial plants

    Can be undertaken in the Autumn, with careful consideration of the wildlife which may use the border as a comfortable habitat during the winter.

  • Our garden maintenance and lawn care service

    Our bespoke service can also include the pruning and trimming of shrubs and bushes with the experience to know how much should be pruned or trimmed and when this should be carried out according to the species. This will encourage healthy new growth while also maintaining the shape of the plant. Scotts gardening experts will also use their expertise to divide the plants in the Spring for re-planting ensuring a visually appealing display year after year.

  • Lawn mowing

    For many lawn mowing can become a chore but this is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. The Scotts team can relieve you of the task using superior machinery with the expertise to know the right cutting height and when to cut in order to achieve a luxurious lawn. Untidy lawn edges can also be neatly trimmed to give a clean line between the grassed area and the flower beds. We know the importance of re-seeding and applying the best fertiliser to nourish the plants and grass in the garden to ensure they are replenished with sufficient nutrients to flourish and thrive.

Call us today on 01293 871 016 for all your garden maintenance and lawncare needs or, if preferred use the Contact page.

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