Why Choose Scotts for your Tree Care & Hedge Cutting Needs

Scotts in-house team of experienced Tree Surgeons and Arborists provide a dedicated service to ensure the trees in your garden are maintained in healthy and safe condition throughout the seasons. A professional risk assessment will prevent potential damage to your own and the neighbour’s property or passing traffic and pedestrians.

Overhanging or broken branches can be removed

Branches will be cleared from the garden safely. You will also be protecting the long-term health of the tree. It is considerably more cost-effective to call our specialists to assess the stability of your trees in order to prevent future damage from storms or extreme weather conditions avoiding emergency help after the tree has fallen and leaving you faced with repairs to property or a more costly site clearance.

Leaving a tree to its own devices is never wise and can result in it becoming out of control and unhealthy.
Tree Care by Scotts

Scotts tree care and hedge cutting service includes:

  • Proficient pruning or reduction of trees, hedges and shrubs

    With the experience to know when this should be carried out to promote healthy new growth, allowing air circulation and the filtration of sunlight.

  • The technique of tree pollarding

    This reduce shade in the surrounding ground area and contain the trees from spreading outside of their growing space. As tree care professionals, we know how frequently pollarding should take place and when this is seasonally best for the tree depending on the species.

  • A tree crowning or thinning operation

    This can be applied when the canopy has become too dense, as this will increase the air-flow while retaining a visually appealing shape. This technique can also increase the crop abundance produced by fruit trees.

  • Careful hedge trimming

    This avoids complaints from neighbours regarding the height or light restriction in their own garden. A well-trimmed hedge also ensures the border plants will have the essential level of light required to thrive.

  • Hedges in poor condition which can’t be saved can be removed

    They can be re-planted with new stock, with advice on-hand to assist in selecting the ideal species for healthy growth.

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Our Arborists will provide an in-depth assessment of your trees and shrubs condition and examine them for any evidence of disease or infestation. Following our professional evaluation, any necessary remedial treatment can be applied to reduce further deterioration or the contamination of other trees.

Should your tree be too damaged to conserve, our highly skilled Tree Surgeons will ensure the felling, stump grinding and removal is undertaken safely without impacting on the aesthetics of your landscape. All work undertaken by Scotts is fully insured and we also liaise with the Local Authority regarding any tree preservation orders which may be in place.

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Tree Care by Scotts